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Starting Empire at War

Starting Empire at War. The group met Ulf and and took the boat along the Urskoy and Talabec. In Ostland the group defending a farm against the Sons of Ulric.

Me, the Master
Lorenz Oppenhaimer is from Marienburg. Some years ago he was a Initiate of Manann, but he loved too much money and luxury. He worshipped secretely Ranald, so has made contact with the Thiefs guild of Boghenafen. With a boat became a rich merchant along the Reik. In Middenheim has saved the Graf's life and became an explorer in Kislev Weathlands. He is the Kastor Lieberung double.

Fritz the Indomitable was a servant from a villa in the Altdorf countryside. Ran away from home for adventure and became a mercenary, He found faith in Sigmar after a vision and became the Judicial Champion for the Graf Todbringer in Middenheim defeating the previous champion in arena.

Krogar is a exiliate Dolgan from the steppes. He worship Tengri and have a mythical ancient spear that belonged to a Dolgan hero called Turov, that fought in the Great War against Chaos.

Kadrim Gormson (npc) is a imperial dwarf, former gladiator and mercenary that Fritz has knew in a battle in the south border of Middenland.

Mojima (npc) is a monkey-man from Catay that Lorenz has bought from Lev, a gospodar merchant in Praag.

Ringhio (means Snarl) is the Lorenz's dog. It is a trained dog and sniffs the chaos.

A special note for Grog the Magician (pc), a Gnome who died of fever and buried in kislevite's Weathlands.

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